I graduated from School of Computing, National University of Singapore (NUS) with a PhD degree in Information Systems. After graduation, I joined ETH Zurich in Switzerland as Chair of Management Information Systems. In August 2015, I moved to Lancaster University as Professor in Information Systems.

My research expertise is on system design, users’ behavioural analysis (both quantitative and qualitative data), data management, and data visualisation. I am a recipient of Informs ISS Design Science Award on privacy-safe design. I am currently developing research direction on societal innovation and digital governance through active local and international stakeholders’ engagement.

I am a PhD. Director in Management Science Department. In 2018, my co-authored report on Smart Parks (bringing smart technology to the green spaces) received wide media coverage such as the BBC and Sky News in UK, and abroad. In 2019, I co-authored another report on Greenside Lead Mine (Smart Heritage Destination) that also received wide media coverage. In early 2019, I co-organised a workshop in the United Nations Conference Centre in Bangkok within the framework of Accelerating Impact for Disaster Management and Emergency Response (AIDE-Response). The workshop was attended by representatives from ASEAN Coordinating Centre for Humanitarian Assistance (AHA Centre), disaster management authorities of the three most vulnerable countries in the region (Philippine, Indonesia, and Myanmar), NGOs, and UN agencies (FAO, UNESCAP, UNICEF). These reports and workshop are driving the development of my research on societal innovation and digital governance.